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So have you heard?  There's this kid's group called Groovin' Toons and they are so cool! They take familiar kid's tunes and turn them into groovy little master pieces that scream fun, not to mention all their very funky original tunes that the kids just adore.  It's a 30 or 45 minute show of total musical interaction for groovy kids who love to sing!  So who are they you ask?  Well there's a lot of talent packed into this crazy show.

Shari Graf is the groovy singer who brings an enormous amount of crazed energy to the stage.  She just spews kid fun and loves to entertain the miniature masses.  However, she's not new to this fun-filled world of kid's entertainment.  Shari has graced the stages of countless theatres across Southern Ontario, Western Canada and even into the United States.  Shari has been the host for shows such as Babar, Franklin the Turtle, PBS Bookwork Bunch, Elliot Moose, Max & Ruby and many more.  A dynamic performer with a love for having fun, she's entertained parents and kids filling venues of up to 4000 spectators and performing at Canada's Wonderland, Ontario Place and many major festivals across Southern Ontario.  She has co-produced and co-written her solo album "Real" and is currently the lead singer and joint co-writer of the Christian Funk/Rock band “InTwos”.  Her music has been played on radio stations all across Canada including Galaxie satellite radio.

From day one Groovin' Toons has housed various talented musicians & currently works with various guitarists who know how to put the "groove appeal" into kid-friendly tunes.  Between Shari, Gerald & Al, you can't miss them; they’re the one with the guitar!  :)

So now that you know who they are, grab your kids (gently) and head-out to one of their shows!  Trust me, you'll be glad you did.